Mae Beavers supports Trump DACA action

Conservative Republican Mae Beavers is standing with President Donald J. Trump and his decision to terminate the DACA program.

“The Executive Order that President Barack Obama relied upon to create DACA was unconstitutional and should never have been allowed to remain in place as long as it has,” Beavers said. 

“The rule of law should be the basis for our actions and policies regarding illegal immigration, and Congress should immediately take action to fund construction of the border wall, enact E-verify, reduce illegal immigration, and impose immigration limits based upon merit,” Beavers noted. “American taxpayers have carried the burden of illegal immigration long enough. President Trump is making American taxpayers and workers his top priority rather than promoting the agenda of those who have illegally entered our country, illegally worked in our country, and illegally relied upon identity fraud to cover up their illegal actions.”