There is a movement sweeping across Tennessee!

Together, we can hold the line for Tennessee’s future.

It’s time for a change in Nashville.

Last year, we shocked the political establishment in Washington. Now, it’s time to take back our state. Will you stand with Mae Beavers and hold the line?

Meet Senator Mae Beavers

Mae Beavers has been a stalwart conservative leader in Tennessee for over a decade. Now, Mae is seeking to continue her principled no nonsense leadership as Governor.

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Stand with Mae

We won BIG last November, but we cannot stop now. We need to bring change to Nashville.

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While many worried about the ramifications of standing up for life, I carried and fought to pass SJR 127 which became Amendment 1 to the Tennessee Constitution on abortion.

Senator Mae Beavers

As your Governor, I will make sure that Tennessee focuses on protecting children before they are born and then providing them a safe and secure environment while they grow and thrive.

Senator Mae Beavers

We are going to make Tennessee safe. Terrorism is a threat right here at home, so I intend to make safety and security a centerpiece of my campaign.

Senator Mae Beavers

Latest News from the Campaign Trail

Keep up to date with what’s happening as Senator Beavers travels across the Volunteer State!

Mae Beavers supports Trump DACA action

Conservative Republican Mae Beavers is standing with President Donald J. Trump and his decision to terminate the DACA program.

Beavers Goes All In For Governor

Mae Beavers to Resign from State Senate to Focus on Governor’s Race, Announces Key Additions to Campaign

Beavers wins straw poll at Rural Tennessee Speaks Forum

Gubernatorial candidate and Tennessee State Senator Mae Beavers released the following remarks after winning the straw poll at Saturday’s gubernatorial candidates forum hosted by Rural Tennessee Speaks:

“Our grassroots focus is already bearing fruit across the state, and my message of returning the Republican party to governing by principle is resonating because of my record. I'm the only candidate who's been fighting the establishment for over 20 years and effectively advancing conservative policies in Nashville. The bottom line is that conservatives can't be bought by the moderate millionaires, and there’s more than enough of us to win statewide for the first time in Tennessee’s history.”

Beavers won 66 votes, Lee came in second place with 62, and the other candidates tallied 19 combined.

Beavers responds to offended snowflakes

Gubernatorial candidate and Tennessee State Senator Mae Beavers (R-Mt. Juliet) responded Saturday afternoon to a press release from the Davidson County Democratic Party alleging she could be breaking federal law and violating the First Amendment by blocking some Twitter users.